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Football Field Sport Gym 1000W LED Floodlight

Football Field Sport Gym 1000W LED Floodlight

1. Using heatpipe cooling technology, Heatpipe riveting with the cooling fins directly, excellent heat dissipation performance;
2. With 90°*50°and 90°*10°reflector for professional lighting distribution choice;
3. High purity aluminum reflector, restrain glare and overflow light effectively;
4· High strength 4mm tempered glass, no need for extra protect cover; high pressure die-cast aluminum housing, strong anti-strike capability;
5· Electrophoretic process treatment, pass 200 hours salty test, protection grade IP65.

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Product Details

Product Features

1. Using fins air convection cooling principle, structure compact ,beautiful and fast cooling. 

2. Select the import high brightness chip, the encapsulation of high power LED (50 W to 100 W/bead) light source, high thermal conductivity, low attenuation, light color pure, no ghosting phenomenon.
3. Obvious energy saving, using the single chip integrated high power LED light source, it can save energy more than 80% than the same brightness of traditional lamps and lanterns.
4. Long lifespan chip technology fully guarantee the working life of the light source above 50000 hours, the radiator and lamp shell integration design, fully guarantee the working life of the entire lamp.
5. Eco-friendly, do not contain heavy metal elements, no pollution to the environment.
6. Adornment effect is good, the use of special surface treatment technology of appearance, simple installation, convenient disassembly, scope of application is wide.
7. Using high purity aluminum as a reflective equipment, wide radiation Angle illumination uniformity, no glare, no stroboscopic.

Technical Specification:

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Product Details:







Suitable for stadium, docks, large buildings, squares and landscape lighting and other places.


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