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MOC Won The Honor Of “The Most Creative And Active Enterprise”
- Feb 09, 2010 -

Dear leaders, distinguished guests and friends from the media,

Today, it is my pleasure to stand here to make this speech, as we, Shenzhen MOC Electronic Technology Co.,ltd. has obtain individual award of “The most creative and active enterprise”, as the reprehensive of our company, I’m very excited. I’d like to on behalf of all the staff of our company, to give all the leader and guest our great respect. And say thanks for all the friends who always help and support MOC developing.

Shenzhen MOC Electronic Technology Co.,ltd was established in October, 2008 in Shenzhen, the registered capital is RMB500,000, we specialized in LED packaging, application products developing, manufacturing and selling, we own our import-export rights, it is a certified high tech enterprise.

We have a strong team which gathered the high qualified optical, electrical, thermal, structural, software, and other technical expert, we developed our patented High Power LED Streetlight, High Power LED Tunnel Light, high power led flood light, etc, the technical has reached the lead level in China, we successfully applied several patent for our developed products, except has the big share in domestic market, our products have exported to more than 40 countries all over the world, our progress has caused high concern by the LED industry in China, US, and some highly developed countries in Europe. With a high increase sales turnover, MOC has step into a high developing way.

After 2004, we used all of our sources, focus on developing High Power LED light source, in the latest 3 years, we have spent lots of manpower, money, we collected the tens of the most famous LED chip manufacture’s catalogue and samples, visited tens of lamp shades, accessories manufactures. Lately, we have investigated the advanced high-power LED lighting packaging equipment, corporate with the scientificresearch institutes in China, now, one of the world's top technology eutectic welding technology equipment was produced by us, It covers the foreign advanced technology and equipment, and integration of its the best home-made of technology and equipment. We first set up in the global technology advanced, reliable, highly efficient fully automated production line in the world, for mass production of LED lighting source lay a solid foundation.

High-power LED lighting source involved in the information technology, semiconductor technology and the traditional lighting technology, we spent lots of money bought the optical design software, advanced optical, electrical testing equipment, done systematically research on the optical, electrical, thermal, structural, and other areas deeply. With lot of sweat has earned the birth of high power LED lighting source, Our products reached the advanced level domestic and achieve the LED light source associated with the traditional lamps zero breakthrough. We can proudly announce: one LED lighting time has arrived! This has a bearing on the second revolution in the field of lighting major projects, It hastened the development of billions, tens of billions or even hundreds of billions leading enterprises, To share domestic hundreds of billions and trillion Yuan in the global market. We sincerely hope we can work with the investment community, the financial sector, business strategist work together to create brilliant!

Recalling our entrepreneurial process, every breakthrough and each leap we achieved, we can not do it if without the concerted efforts of all the staff of our company, also can not inseparable from everyone leadership here, guests, and media friends. Let me once again to express my sincere gratitude to everyone, hope that you will always care for and support the development of MOC, Let him continue to maintain the innovation and vitality of passion, Always walk in the front of the green LED lighting career. Let us hand to hand to work together, to promote China's green LED lighting industry's progress and rapid development, make our own contribution.

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