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Techinical Data 

All previous model were adopted the clips to lock the glass cover, 

But some clients prefer to use the screws to lock the glass cover

In order to meet all clients requirements, we have developed the glass cover locked by screws.

Here is an updated on our all models stream led flood lights 50W to 200W: 

( MFL-S50-120, MFL-S70-120, MFL-S100-120, MFL-S150-120, MFL-S200-120, MFL-S50-PXX, MFL-S70-PXX, MFL-S100-PXX, MFL-S150-PXX,  MFL-S200-PXX, MFL-S50-NXX, MFL-S70-NXX, MFL-S100-NXX, MFL-S150-NXX,  MFL-S200-NXX )
all above models can use the glass cover locked by screws.

Between this new improvement- screw lock and clips lock flood lights, all other components are same, such as housing size, LEDs, drivers, etc. only the glass cover fixing is different. 

Details of glass cover locked by screws



Product Details

Glass cover locked by screws led flood light

1. Die casting aluminum with slim design
2. lens for leds, different light distribution
3. Tempered glass cover with 4mm thickness
4. Taiwan Meanwell driver/ Inventronics driver
5. High lumen with Philips SMD3030 LEDs

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